Lyrics - In The Garment Of Lust PROMO 2002

(Lyrics by J. Kosc)

The talk with an unborn
The explanation of reality
The existence of conditions

The vision of a child opening its mouth
It´s jerking with fear
Doubt, fright and scream in its eyes
It feels painful mortality
It doesn´t want to come
Hallucinatory psychosis

The bearer of future sufferer
Runaway flight, away into solitude
Other visions, emotional
The whisper from within
It doesn´t want to come, it doesn´t want to come
It doesn´t want to come...

The decision´s set in
Suicidal inner strength
Double mutilation
The leap into the rocks
Double blood
Two corpses, two generations
In hallucinatory psychosis
No victim left

(Lyrics by J. Kosc)

In meditation
Anticipation of being devoured
Devastating way of thinking
Incubator for parasites
Explosion of opinions
Orthodox passion, reaction

Extreme mass
Repulsive figures
Incurable mentality
The retarded ones - no prosperity
Community of strange manners
Extreme reproductive capacity
Ordinary phenomenon of incest
Crimes of the given ethnic minority
The unadaptable ones - social cancer
Uneducated race

Colour ain't important
Behaviour's decisive
This means no racism, reaction

(Lyrics by M. Marincak)

The eyes of darkness!
The toothy sun is struggling through the crowns of trees
The stench of the cold night, giant tranquility
Somewhere there, out of civilization
The beginning, further than human receptivity
The feeling of leaving and no return, lunacy and temptation
Young, determined, curious and naive
To enter the gates of mysteriousness
One may search for the sense and courage
The weary sun is accompanying and struggling back
A gloomy evening, fire, singing, good mood
The cold night and serenity
It became dark, the clots of mist settled over the ferns
The forest is waking up
Without understanding of the state, the question mark of hell!
Distressed and weary in the dark and mist, hungry and thirsty
Only the eye of darkness
A freezing evening, repeated ritual, in the power of fear
Affection, endless attachment- anxiety
What´s going on?
Silence broken by something, voice of the past
Uncontrollable, chaotic run, the forest of madness!
Weeping, plea, screaming - suffering!
Lunacy, terror, what´s that?
A new morning veiled by the mist
The singing of birds and deafening emptiness
There´s no one
Just hope...

(Lyrics by M. Marincak)

A tough man of lust and the unsated
Like a draught through the mystery of adultery
To cheat your instincts or to obey...
The last runner is close to the finish
The never-ending race

To be carried away by the river of sin
The sweet temptation of instinct
In cosmic masturbation
In the garden of forbidden deeds
Long ago away from the point of devotion

The smell of the plate of sex-starvation
No one can stop, there's no escape
Haunted by the pressure of mind
And decision
We become the slaves of time and age
The never-ending race

The wormy mind of a whore in the expectation
Of good...
The insolence to blame your own life!
Gluttony, still repeated
Like a constantly new racer
On a track of delight and pleasure

Outwardly everything's enchanting and splendid
Vicinity perceives contentment and peace
Like a nice red apple, just the surface
Veiled in the garment of lust and lies
Wormy and invisible mystery inside

A strong point somewhere far away
Not-coming daydreamed life
Like an unattainable branch
If you don't reach it, you'll climb to it
Constant marathon, no one knows how many
Rounds are left to the end

In the crown of the tree of sin and untruth
Apathetic, mislead and nonexistent
To give birth to new lives

Oh, what a sweet scent of sin!
It's so easy to be caught by it
Yearning for the same all the time
In a new dress and with a different face
The race of lust has no end
It's never-ending, everyone's defeated
We're just the slaves, instincts are decisive!

(Lyrics by J. Kosc)

You're walking slowly
Fear in the deathly fog
Bloodthirst submerged into darkness
Sadistic annihilation in shadows
Cold fight of stress

You're walking alone
Along an unknown path
The tyranny of your spirit

There's nothing. You can see it.
Thoughts are crucified
Sight is veiled with fear
That silence is wilderness
That noise is death
There's something. You can see it like horror.

You'll end like a prey
You'll feed a beast on guts
You'll dye this soil with blood
Don't look back!
You've had touch on your body
Wounds that don't exist
Vision and fear

You keep walking
You can still hear the roar of carnivores
The echo of killing
You're accompanied by fat worms
You're walking faster
You can see healthy light
Way out of this anxiety
Your expiration is tranquilizing
Apparitions are gone
Vision and fear

(Lyrics by J. Kosc)

He's standing straight
A clenched fist and a proud look
Fires and sins burn
Slow dive into himself

He is still and strong
Yet phantoms come out
They touch subconscious
Embraced by traps of temptation
By the stench of demons
He won't humble himself!

He can hear and see everything
He perceives misery and external suffering
He is hit through you
The flood of sins and blood
The devil addresses him deadly
The angel is erect
He won't humble himself yet

His body is alive, his soul is rotten
The decay of conscience
Devils become weak yet they rage
The angel´s resistance breaks them
Through your mind
Through your soul
Through your battlefield
Your angel
He won't humble himself!

And you will live...

The death is so close
All gods judge you
The hell has its throne
The death is so close

Thousands of days have passed
Only your epitaph will remain
And the grave of stone

Through your mind
Through your soul
Through your battlefield
Your angel
He won't humble himself!

And you will rot....

(Lyrics by M. Marincak)

Bloody sunrise
Illuminates the wasteland
The land of contempt
Unknown by the world
A shepherd watches over the flock
Of blind sheep, dazzled
By the yellow sun
To stare at heaven
To search for god
With a weapon in the hand
A beggar with perverted mind
Manipulates the crowds of bearded men
Massage in the name of shit
Prayer to vomits!
Hope for a good thing
In filth and excrements
Hunt for madness and power
Corroded characters
No remorse, no
Itch of conscience
A mosque covered with dust,
Full of the books of lies and shits
To lift up hands to heaven,
To reach the void
Closed eyes forever
Wretched primitivism

(Lyrics by M. Marincak)

Youth spent in innocence
Finding the essence of life !
Influences, views and temptations
Only filth and snares all around
The first step of death,
Blissful and unearthly !
Unrepeatable freedom
On the wings of ruin.
The stuffy air stitched
By deadly emotions.
How weak and small we are !!
Raging cold mornings
A sweaty face
To search for own identity
In excrements and vomits
What a thin thread between
The life and infinity !
The second step of death
More beautiful and impressive,
Surrounded by flowers
On a fragrant meadow...
Flying to the unknown
Something inexplicable !
Even the abnormality is normal !
The damned morning / insane eyes
The smile of a curse on a cold wall
Crying, suffering and sorrow
Of pseudo-creatures...
Effort or help,
Indifference, ignorance ?
The third step of death.
- No
Caress in the swamp of hell
A hand and the common sense
A shiver and a cold sweat...
The drug ?
No, never / I´ve averted
The collapse...

DISILLUSIONED (re-recorded version)
(Lyrics by J. Kosc, 1996)