Hypnotic Blood
(lyrics&music concept Košč)

Sadistic mankind, killing
Ages full of cruelty, violence
Massacres, wars of nations, tyranny
Masses fell and bled to death
Suffering and death
Blood for blood
Eternal rule
Deadly enthusiasm
Man is bizzare
River that can’t be swum across
Pain that can’t be described
Worthless life, without skin
War across war
Torment, humiliation, bleeding
Brutality in the name of faith
God is bizzare
Kingdom of blood
It’s hypnotic, that liquid
Colour of temptation
Smell of perversity
Blood is beautiful
Taste of blood
Colour of temptation
Smell of perversity

Words Like Poison
(lyrics Marinčák/music concept Kochaník)

Desperate look of helplessness and fear,
fixed to the skies, no distinguishing of colours.
Words of the strong indirectly whip the poor,
no remorse, just power and influence.
War of suits massacres the land,
its value without any value.
Policy of smiling faces, persistence
Frightened look of a mother with a dead
child in her arms.
Tears of the small
cowardice and lies of war
Can’t hear the voice of nature
One for everything,
One against everything
No chance!
Bloody tears, crying, pain, weeping and sorrow
Smiling man with a tie
waving to cameras.
Words of praise, scream of enthusiasm
without end.
A few sentences, a few smiles, a little threat
Oceans of innocent blood
Invasion, raid and pain, fear for everything.
Words like poison, they’ll circle the world,
poison lands, infect the atmosphere.
Never-ending madness of supremacy
Discontent of dissatisfied
fighters for a square metre of soil
Malice, revenge, pleasure to see
Mass enthusiasm, gun in hand, no respect,
compassion, man to a man like an animal.
Dominate at all costs
No defeat, manipulation – killing.
Leave us alone, bastards!
Words like poison, same price,
same life, certain death
Only one, for all

Seeds of Damnation
(lyrics&music concept Košč)

Darkness in the depths
Immaterial power
Revelation of decay and genocide
Flames embrace victims
Souls lined up for their punishment
Echoes of death, scream of torture
Cruelty struggles through infertile soil
On the wings of dark power
Destruction, slavery, misery
Embodiment of demonic mission
No forgiveness, no consolation
He sows the seed of hate, demon
In blood and sin
His voice is eternal, wars and suffering
Eyes opened forever, human evil
Cruelty has its shape, killing
Pain and damnation!
Orgy of damnation
Amen for a huge crowd
Eternal spiritual fight, eternal temptation
They scream, they suffer
They trespass
They live...

(lyrics Stašák/music concept Kochaník)

Stench of the pseudo honest everywhere
There’s only one way to reach them
Through sin
Fulfil your desire for infinite freedom,
Wealth, whores and momentary satisfaction
Experience one day full of pleasure
Night full of remorses!
When did you have a good sleep?
Control yourself and forget about purgatory
Come to it again
To experience disgust in the end
Disgust towards yourself
Disgust towards the way to your destruction
Are you pleased with it?
Do you want to enjoy it to the full?
So come on!
Forget about searching your conscience
Get used to the stench of sin
Hurt your neighbour
Put up with it
You can’t stop it
Experience hell
Enjoy hell
Die in hell
Society can help you
But is it interested?
It fucks you
It’s associated with you
It won’t help you, it can’t help you
Can you help yourself?
Your fellowmen remained
Can they help you? Do you want it?
Do they want it?
You don’t want to live by their commandments
You don’t want to be a messiah
You don’t want to restrict yourself
You live in hell
You enjoy hell

Experience of Death
(lyrics&/music concept Košč)

Living creature, fate, postmortality, mystery
Death within reach in an open gate
Eternity in pictures of memories
Leaving soul, unconsciousness and darkness
Tunnel of infinity, divinity
March of dying, rest
Groans of grieving relatives
Senses without reaction, coma
Heaven, Hell, Purgatory, Earth
Voices of the deceased are calling
The long-ago dead are coming
Back from the nicest moments
Back from their birth
Childhood and mother’s kisses
Feeling of bliss out of the body
Rose-coloured sky in soft clouds
Full greenness, purity of contemplation
Guardian angels, blissful gifts
Peace and the silhouette of God
Circle of brain and showing the film of life
Blaze of sulphur and infernal fire
Weight of sins, weight of deeds
Touching hand of the Devil
Abyss of torment
Stink of burnt remains, bodies
Echoes of fear, gust of smoke
Suffocation in sins
Circle of brain and showing the film of life
Awakening and presence of mind
Dawn of mind
Clinical resurrection
Aware of the experience of death

True Name For the Devil
(lyrics&music concept Košč)

Bestiality like a volcanic eruption
Lost in the colour of blood and pain
Under the guise of mercy, love for his neighbour
The highest blasphemy, the worst crime
Priest as an instrument in the Devil’s hands
Disgusting being
Abstemiousness unleashed
Deranged and abnormal obsession
In perverse imagination
No self-control, tortured by celibacy
Nailed by insanity
His words have stunk long
He’s burst into flames!
He leapt and did it
Abused, raped, stained
Concealed deviation, hidden pedophilia
With a cross on his chest
With God on his tongue
Decay soaked through his vestment
Who will forgive him?
The Devil wears a black cassock
Celebrates the Mass, hears confession, preaches
Protected by the Church
Desecrated faith
God’s been dethroned
The temple’s remained calm, on the decline
Just weeping and silent tears
Traumatic pain

Fury Within
(lyrics Košč/music concept Kochaník)

You’re one of thousands
Desire is always stronger
Peace is so important
You want to be happy, at least a little
You search for dreams and listen to your within
your emotions
Sometimes you can’t stand
that tension, that sultriness
You need solitude,
calm love and somewhere hope
You love life
and terribly hate that life
Your fury – your wounds
You would kill all the wicked
Killer, violator, mafioso, terrorist, weird fanatics of God,
deviant, poacher – killer of nature – die!
Perish and rot!!!
You’d destroy everything
Your heart beats, anger is huge
You’re furious
You’d kill all the filth
You womit on reality
You’re sad
You’re touched by humiliation of the weak
and you can’t do anything?
You’re still like an obedient dog?
Now your fury suffocates you
You’d kick the foul bastard
and beat him till he grows wise
You hate those human rags
You hate them so
You’re furious...

Embodied Slavery
(lyrics Košč/music concept Kochaník-Košč)

Premonition of a bad moment
Look round, uncertainty
Stress, instinct to stay alive without suffering
Unease, unbalance
Scared of every suspicious person
Those figures seem doubtful
Scared of explosion, something really terrible
Scared of walking along the street
Shopping and turning back
Unease and fear
Next suicidal attack
Bloody pieces, scattered limbs
Deformed dead bodies, pools of blood
Massacre of crowd, children and parents
Another bloody bath, another hell
Over and over again, the same frightening lament
Over and over again, embodied slavery
Like in a damned vicious circle
All the time the same fright
Slavery without chains
Suffering of exhausted people
Syndrome of Israel
Holy places splashed with blood
Cursed ways of Jesus
Outrageous conflict, occupation
Eternal hate, misery of Palestine
Over and over again, policy
Money, belief, God, nation
Outrageous conflict-slavery without chains!!!