11.04.2024, 11:18,


Lo! and Behold! As we speak to thee in ancient tongues!
Seven long years have passed since the release of "Idolatry" album.
But the wait is over! We are thrilled to announce, that the new progeny was spewed forth from the womb of emptiness. It is called "Spiritual Negation" and the name and artwork will speak for it's self.
Once again it will be released by the legendary "Metal Age Productions" on vinyl. The digipak cds will be released via french label "Great Dane Records". It will grant you to experience the sheer audial obscurity in the best way possible.
So, mark the calendar! The release is set for late spring. Exact dates and pre-orders will be announced soon. So, stay tuned on our channel for more info.
The amazing artwork was created by the very talented Janka Vé from "JanaVe Art". Design and layout was done by the exceedingly talented Hans Trasid from "Dis-Art Design".
It was recorded, mixed and mastered by Martin Barla in his "MF Studios", in Poprad between June and November 2023. We bow down to your professionalism, patience and expertise which led to a perfect result.

The track list will be as follows:
01. Feasting (Intro)
02. The Mouth of Abyzou
03. Patron of Hate
04. Your Flesh is My Temple
05. Spiritual Negation
06. Venom Divine
07. Wrath Manifest
08. Exaltation of the Morningstar
09. Fate Weaver
10. Epitome of Diabolization

Line up:
JH - vocals
JK - guitars
MC - guitars
RS - bass
MB - drums

Lenka "Ena" Serafinova - female vocals in the track "Epitome of Diabolization".
Rene Blahusiak - lead guitar (solo) in the track "Epitome of Diabolization". 

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