News 2016!

26.02.2016, 14:11, Ďodi

Ave friends!
We have some news for you. In our section gallery you can see our new promo photos. Byut our priority is preparing and recording of our new album „Idolatry“. You can expect 10 songs of pure death metal with a huge portion of darkness. It will happen in April-May. See you soon on our comming gigs. 666 times thanx for your support!!!

19.3-live Deadly Storm,Plzeň
April-May- recording of new album Idolatry
10-12.6- live openairfest FLESH PARTY,Sereď
21-23.7- live openairfest GOTHOOM,Ostrý Grúň
19-20.8. live openairfest YNFEST,Svidník

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